Do You Think Having A Successful Online Presence Will Help You Grow Your Business?

Well, that’s an obvious answer. The question should have read, “Do you think that you can destroy your competition by utilizing the power from New York’s top SEO specialist?”

And the answer to this is a big fat YES!

There is no denying that New York is one tough city! With over 19 million businesses on this little island, how can you gain leverage and enhance your Online presence?

With advanced methods and techniques that aim to build authority and provide longevity, of course!

Before I introduce myself officially, I want you to know that this opportunity is not for everyone. Thankfully, I have the ability to be very picky on who I decide to work with. Application information is at the bottom of this page.

Now, On To Me

JASON BERKOWITZ SEOMy journey onto SEO and Internet Marketing was no accident. Working full-time as a fitness professional made life challenging.

I had my own business and had the value to demonstrate my expertise, but didn’t have the audience to share it with.

So as you can imagine, I decided to take the next step and figure out how to promote my business on the worlds largest Search Engine, Google.

After years of trial, error and constant experimentation, I discovered what key metrics the Search Engines look for when placing websites at the top positions.

And from this, came an addiction. An addiction that kept me at the computer for hours on end.

I was addicted to providing value. Value in the form of helping websites gain that authoritative edge that they’ve always wanted.

And from this, I created my first website, which is still on top for many SEO related keywords in New York.

Want To Know More?

I can go on & on about how great I am but unlike my mother, you probably don’t want to hear it (if you do desire, shoot me an email).

The next step would be to tell you how I perform Search Engine Optimization and my philosophy on the subject.

Well, in my eyes, the Search Engines place favor on websites that they deem as an AUTHORITY.

But like I’m sure you’ve heard before, “they only care about links”, which is simply untrue.

High Authority backlinks definitely play a part in ranking factors but it is one of many.

In my possession, I have highly advanced techniques, most of which are hidden from the rest of the SEO community.

Majority of these underground methods were created and tested by me to ensure they are safe to employ (Naaa, no black-hat here).

I would love to tell you more,but I don’t want to make this essay longer then it has to be.

Let’s take the next step in this journey towards Online success.

Click on the link below to be taken to the SEO application form where, if you provide me with as many details as you can, I can decide if we are suitable to do business together.

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