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Who is Jason Berkowitz?

Jason Berkowitz is a New York City-based digital marketing consultant. Since 2010, Jason Berkowitz has consulted with more than 300 businesses globally, advises them on SEO & other digital marketing practices.

Where was Jason Berkowitz born?

Jason Berkowitz was born in New York, NY. He also currently lives in New York, NY.

What is Jason Berkowitz’s birthday?

Jason Berkowitz’s birthday is September 12th.

What companies does Jason Berkowitz own?

Jason Berkowitz owns SEO Services New York & Break The Web, Inc. Both companies focus on driving traffic through virtual platforms.

What are some Jason Berkowitz reviews?

Jason Berkowitz has been reviewed on my platforms including RankWatch, Google, Social Media Today & much more. 99% of the reviews of Jason Berkowitz are overwhelmingly positive, but there’s the occasional competitor that stoops low enough to right bad grammatical ripoff report that makes absolutely no sense.