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Google Penguin 3.0… Is It Here?

Friday evening, Oct. 17th, I was alerted by email of some crazy movements in the search engines by an alert system I have set up for drastic changes. The weird thing was, all of my sites moved up significantly for their desired keywords.

After several hours of speaking with my colleagues and reviewing different case studies, we knew it was a huge Penguin update.

My competitors on the other hand, most of whom were practicing old school SEO tactics noticed the shift in a more undesirable way. Their rankings dropped!

Here’s a quick view of my SEO website’s progress…

seo rankings

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It was announced by Search Engine Land that Google confirmed the update. The impact the update has on the search results have not yet been released.



Google’s Panda 4.1 Roll Out

Pierre Far from Google UK announce in a Google+ post that Google’s 27th Panda update rolled-out earlier in the week. The Panda updated is aimed at detecting low-quality sites; sites with thin, low or no content.

Search Engine Land is calling the update Panda 4.1 and the pattern of Panda roll outs can be seen at their Panda announcement article.

It’s algorithm updates like these that make me happy. Happy to know that the crappy SEO specialists, with tons of old-school methods are being weened out.

SEO gets a bad reputation because most companies fail to evolve with advancement of the search engine and because of this, thousands upon thousand of local businesses lose money money to useless SEO.

Welcome Panda 4.1